Monday, November 30, 2009

She'll go for ya little brother

I am officially on 2 months of summer holiday as of last friday. But I reckon after the two most stressful weeks of assessment I definitely deserve it. It's weird to think that after twelve years of school, this time next year I will have finished, and hopefully be on a plane heading overseas. For the past few days I've been making endless promises with myself to do better at school next year, but fingers crossed they come true this time.

I'm going through a big oversized shirt phase at the moment, and my friend bought me this top yesterday from a garage sale as she knows I adore anything spotty. I wore it with my mums old belt and silk camisole, Ally shorts, socks from Myer and........

MY COMBAT BOOTS! I found these in an amazing vintage store called lost and found on a recent trip to melbourne for only $50, and they are easily my favourite item of footwear. With heavy steel caps and heels wearing them for half a day gives my leg a crazy workout, making it easy for me to justify a mars bar or two.

Today I went op-shopping with the friend that gave me the shirt for materials to make some pieces together.

This sparkly purple jacket was definitely the find of the day, and although it's not really my style, the thought of chopping it up does sadden me slightly.

These pictures really don't do the vibrancy of the purple and it's sparkliness (invented word?) justice. I also picked up a few things for myself, I've always found it impossible to exit an op shop with an empty bag.

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