Tuesday, December 1, 2009

you're not as brave as you were at the start

Today I've had one of those typical, relaxing summer day of staying at home on my couch catching up on some dr phil and Oprah. Not to mention indulging in vast amounts of homemade blueberry muffins. So here is an outfit I wore sometime last week:

I added the purple flower while running out the door to match the shoes (blame my kinda-obsesssive-compulsive-but-not-really-ness)

A couple of months ago I trailed practically every clothing store in my town in search of a pair of floral leggings, with no results. So when I discovered these on a mannequin in a melbourne store window I practically sprinted inside, let out a squeal of delight after locating them on a rack, and then slunk off to the changeroom after noticing the strange looks directed my way by the cool indie, 20 something shop assistant.
The students at my school are pretty relaxed when it comes to clothing, as everyone pretty much just wears what they want. Although floral leggings are everywhere in Europe and the States, us Australians are a little slower to catch on to trends. So when I wore these to school I was delighted with the numerous compliments, but also taken aback by the strange looks, and in some cases, rude comments. If it were up to me everyone would wear things like this to school:

But unfortunately I don't have a spare tens of thousands of dollars lyeing around for Dior, McQueen and Rodarte :( Hopefully one day....

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  1. You've gone and done an amazing job with this look! Love the little blue hair piece and also the chain link purse, hip accessory. How clever are you!