Friday, December 4, 2009

starry night

I normally detest chain-store rip offs of designer clothing, as it ends up looking tacky, cheap and entirely unoriginal. These people seem to think that because they change the design 10% from the original, they have created a trendy, high-fashion item that they can then slap a ridiculously high price on considering the poor quality fabrics and workmanship. Despite this, for my fashion project at school last session I decided to knit a pair of those Rodarte tights (you know the ones I'm talking about). I decided that as I am not making a profit off the tights, and we were being marked on construction not design, it was perfectly fine to make them, and I am so happy as I am head-over-heels in love with them! Such a shame it's summer down under :( Here I've styled the tights in four different ways, to give myself ideas on how and where to wear them.

First up is a spring, monet-inspired outfit:

I have a soft spot for floral dresses (in case you hadn't noticed), and like most of the ones in my wardrobe, this one began it's life as a floor length, size 32482348 granny dress. I love the soft blues of the dress and tights together.

Secondly, a more formal take on the tights:

With this outfit I like how the tights become the main focus (sorry about the hemline, must've rode up a bit between clicking the camera button and frantically tottering over to the wall).

Next I've tried to dress the tights up to look more punky

This is my favourite of the lot, probably because I am obsessed with everything punk (I LOVE YOU VIVIENNE). If I was wearing this outfit out I would accessorise it a bit more, probably with a cuff, silver bangle and some silver chains.


This outfit is pretty different from what I normally wear, as I don't really colour-block like this, but I do like the idea of wearing the two knitted pieces together.
I'd still like to experiment layering these tights with other opaque/patterned/coloured tights, but I might save that for next winter.


  1. Great post! I love how creamy your skin is and how it compliments those printed tights and lace top.

  2. holy cow, i can't believe you made those tights. they look amazing.
    if i had the skill, i'd totally make a pair for myself.