Sunday, December 13, 2009

I wish

When I saw this post on the amazing blog The Stylish Wanderer, I instantly fell in love with the chorduroy high-waisted trousers. A million fantasies of how I would live in these for the whole of winter next year ran through my mind, before I noted the brand: H&M. Unfortunately I can't buy them in Australia OR online.

Australia has gone mental with the opening of a topman/topshop in Sydney (hopefully H&M will follow suit), and if I could I would love to drive there immediately and buy these:

or this dress, which would be perfect for the awkward in-between weather which we seem to experience for months:

and I'm pretty sure these shoes speak for themselves:

The only problem is, it's all so incredibly EXPENSIVE!!! I've become so accustomed to spending no more than $10 per an item of clothing, that 50 pounds for a dress (which is almost tripled when converted to AUD) seems completely ludicrous to me.

Oh well hopefully one day I'll no longer be a dirt poor student.

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