Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Day by the Lake

One of my best friends left for a two month holiday to the states on the weekend, so we had a farewell picnic by the lake on friday. It was one of those rare, lovely summer days where it's sunny and warm but not sweltering hot, and minus the ten minutes where we were attacked by a hungry group of magpies, it was a very enjoyable goodbye to a friend. Highlights would have to be taking stalker pictures of runners (tip- pretend to be taking a photo of a friend, but really zoom in over their shoulder), irritating other picnicers by singing obnoxiously loud to ipod speakers and eating the choccy cake I iced to look like the american flag (including an accurate amount of white dots for stars).

Leave us alone stupid birds...

My friend chasing swans in the grossest murky water ( 2 dead bodies were found there over the last week)

This was a guys T-shirt with a gross logo that I cut off and then sewed on the lace. I turned it around (for a bit of modesty), but I'm annoyed it's not quite long enough to wear as a dress.

I don't mind my incredibly white skin when it means I get to wear gorgeous sunhats.

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