Saturday, April 17, 2010


Still without a camera...

Saturday, March 27, 2010

I am Jack's broken mind

I can never stick to one thing for more than a month at a time.

Monday, February 1, 2010

They're sanitized

What, don't you guys climb on furniture and snap headless photos when you have friends over?

Schools back tomorrow after 2 months of British TV, the tennis, sleeping in, parties, reading, shopping ETC ETC ETC Surprisingly I'm quite excited, after all the faster this year starts the faster it ends, and then I will be done with classrooms forever!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

I don't care about clever I don't care about funny

I just got back from a week long holiday in melbourne with a few friends. I went to the Big Day Out on tuesday (lily allen and girl talk were amazing) and unfortunately my camera got trampled and crushed to death in the mosh pit at Muse (but I did get to crowd surf out). Hopefully I'll be able to buy a new one in the next week or so, but school goes back on tuesday so I may not have time. Luckily I was able to salvage the memory card so I can upload the photos when I get around to borrowing my mum's camera.

I did heeeeeeeeeeaps of shopping in melbourne (I've finally discovered where the good charity stores are!). It was interesting to learn what I buy based on the weather- melbourne is notorious for it's four-season-in-a-day, and when it was overcast and chilly I bought cardigans and velvet, but when it was hot and sticky I was back to floaty patterned dresses. I can't wait for summer to end, I miss layering and I managed to get second degree sunburns on my back. I swear the sun hates me!

Here's a photo one of my friends snapped of me:

(yeah about the face.....I have no idea)

Oh and I almost forgot, I got my nose pierced! Stupidly I went to a less than reputable place, but it only cost $18, it seems to be healing fine and I absolutely LOVE it!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Beautiful touch, too soft

Some possible DIY's-

Chains sewn on to hoody-

Fashion Toast

I LOVE this, Chanel paper bag-

Jak & Jil?

Back grid top-

Sea of Shoes

Blazer with lace sleeves-

Bleach Black

Denim jacket with leather sleeves-

Alexander Wang

Rope Dress-

Not entirely sure, maybe topshop unique?

I made my own version of this Alexander wang jumper a few months ago, I'll have to do a post on it soon.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

walk all over you

Alexander Wank via The Selby


Wednesday, January 20, 2010


^Extremely happy the Australian Open has started for another year.

Look!!! Shoes!!! AND a bag!!! I think I'm getting the hang of deciding on these two items with more than 5 seconds to go before I have to walk out the door.
I've been a fan of glomesh for a couple of years now, so I had to snap this bag up as soon as I saw it at an op shop for 2 bucks, even though it has a bit of obvious wear and tear. I just love the snake-skin sensation when I run my hand over it, not to mention the old-hollywood glamour.

... Except I didn't think that leather boots were entirely practical for 30+ degree C weather..... So I swapped for my favourite flowery granny shoes. (And yes I like to sniff feathers- what of it?)

I got these for $3 from a charity store close to my home. They have everything you could possibly want in an "ugly" shoe- 1cm thick foam sole, curtain-y floral fabric and a fake leather sling-back. Oh and a rope tie. Amazing. Although I don't think all my friends agree...

On the bus to town today:
Little kid with rat tail- *looks at me* "whisper, whisper, whisper (to mum)" *looks at me with disdainful expression*
Little kid with rat tail's mother- YA CAN'T NOT LIKE SOMEONE COS OF THEIR CLOTHES!
Me- *Death stare the little kid with rat tail*
At this point I wish I'd started mumbling incoherently to myself while slowly rocking back and forward, just to appear even more inviting to this young child.
Oh well he was wearing a 50 cent cap. It's to be expected.
A very saintly Liam Gallager in the background. Oasis may have disbanded, but to me they will always be number one.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pure shores

Today I downloaded Picasa, a photo editing program, so hopefully from now on the photos on my blog will slightly less crap. I've been playing around with it all day, it's so fun and easy to use and manages to repair some of the hopelessness in the pictures my camera takes. Speaking of which, my friend is selling me her (practically brand new) camera for a dirt cheap price, so in a few weeks I should be able to start taking better pictures. Although then I won't have an excuse for why I manage to look terrible in photos (I stopped being photogenic at around 5, unfortunately).

I've almost recovered from the whole wisdom teeth ordeal (numbness-pain-painkillers-sleepy-giant face-no food equaled a very grumpy elly) but I still have a bruise on the side of my face that looks like I've been decorating myself with yellow highlighter. Thought it would be best to cover it up. Also I really should start wearing shoes in my outfit pictures, but I don't normally throw them on until I'm madly running out the door, forever late.

The denim thingy is an old pair of jeans I cut up to create a rather large belt. I've always been a massive belt person (my towel rack is dedicated to their storage) so im fairly proud I managed to put three on today.

I've been reading Penguin Classics all holidays (10 bucks!), and the one covering my face is The Beach by Alex Garland, which I've just finished. I really enjoyed it-although the spectacularly gory scene towards the end was very unexpected-but I felt as though there could have been at least another two hundred pages to it. Surprisingly I didn't find the movie version to be a total let down, like most page to screen adaptations are. The added romance certainly added a stronger touch of (slightly unecessary) hollywood to it, however.

It feels gooooooooooooooooood to be back on my feet :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Puffed up and bruised

I got my wisdom teeth out yesterday, which means I am confined to my couch for the next week due to my hilarious bruised chipmunk face.

I put this outfit together a few days ago after watching Sid & Nancy. To be honest I wasn't terribly blown away by the movie, I though the script was poorly written, and I'm sorry but Nancy's voice almost drove me to tears it was so whyyynnnnnneeeeey! What I did love about the movie, however, was the clothes! I've always had a rather large soft, squishy spot for punk, so I adored the leapord print mini's, ripped fishnets, leather everything, messy/shaved/died hair, stilettos and combat boots, piercings, dark red lips and ripped jackets.

I didn't want the outfit to be too costumey, as I've never really been a fan of being a part of a sub culture, but I think I kinda failed.

Tried it on with some jackets, because I thought this would work better in winter; firstly my mums old leather biker jacket, and then my dads old black denim jacket.

For fashion at school last session, we had to print three fabrics based around a sub culture (I chose punk), and this is my favourite:

I think this year I want to get further away from the hippy clothes I wore a lot of last year (although I'll never give up my florals!) and dress a little more punk. Although after seeing the fantastic clothes in Sherlock Holmes I'd also like to dress a little more masculine, although my generous hips may make that a bit tricky.

Friday, January 8, 2010

First time for everything

Today I put into action one of my main goals for the year ahead, which is to tone up and get fit. I went to a place I thought I had confined to only my most horrific of nightmares........... The gym! Considering that last time I visited one (at least two years ago) I managed to fall off a stationary bike and ended up with a bruise the size of my hand on my calf, I though this was quite brave of me. Anyway I ended up having a great time, I think I finally get what all the middle-aged-women magazines mean when they go on about endorphins, even though I left dripping with sweat, red as a tomato and incredibly stinky (my dad insisted on covering the car seat with a towel and discreetly wound down his window). Anyway the reason as to why this has some sort of relevance to my fashion blog, is that my gym membership has created a big problem. GYM CLOTHES! I did a post on this about a year ago, but I am still clueless when it comes to how to make running shorts, singlets and sneakers look at all stylish. Maybe I should dress like this:

so my clothes can take the attention away from my poor running/cycling/rowing/anything physical skills. Ok maybe not. Anyone got any suggestions?

Before I braved the gym I headed out to coffee (well, strawberry milkshake) with my friend, and ended up having to lug bags of groceries the never ending (10 min) walk home, while wearing this:

But tragedy struck just before I walked out the door:

My *fake* pearls broke!!!!!! Hopefully I can re-thread them, this is definitely one of my favourite necklaces.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Seen it in my past, back at home

I don't think I am terribly happy with this blog at the moment. It seems I'm not quite able to get the thoughts in my head typd down onto the page without them going through a filter that makes them completely stiff and boring. I've been going back and reading previous posts and my writing feels so jilted, and I really want to try and change that. Ever since I first learnt to write at 5 years old, I've loved the written word, and I think this blog is the perfect place to improve both what I wear and how I write. I only have one year left of school and I know that when I finish, whatever I do it will definitely be focused around writing, hopefully fashion journalism. I also realise the quality of my photos are completely crap, but this blog is meant to be about fashion, not photography as I don't have a very great interest in the latter as a skill. I mean I love other peoples' photos, but it's not a skill I have a greater interest in developing. I live in a tiny fourth floor apartment with no pretty garden to shoot in, my camera is years old and a bit shit, and I have no tripod. To be honest I don't have the money to change any of those things, and I'm far too shy to get someone else to take my picture.
So now instead of whingeing I'm going to put in action what I'm always telling myself to do, talk about the future not the past. I really want 2010 to be a fresh start. Although in 2009 I did swap to a school I absolutely adore showing upto every morning, and I made a whole lot of brand new friends who I know I'll be in contact with for life, there were also a lot of lows. So, once again, 2010: a fresh start. I want this blog to have pictures of my outfits, pictures of inspiration that describe more fluently what is consuming my mind at that moment, and more posts on fashion and the arts (mostly music, I'm not even going to pretend I know anything about visual art). I am extremely happy with the way my style has developed this year, I've let go of a lot of shyness when it comes to outfits I wear, and I take a lot more risks and worry a lot less about what others think. By no means at all do I think my style is “perfect” or anything of the sort, so this year I want to be able to develop it more, become more fearless and remove myself even further away from trends. I'd like to document all of that on this blog. This blog is about moving forwards and documenting the changes, and if anyone else happens to enjoy it, even better.
Ok enough of the rant, here's an outfit:

I bought this green velvet top second hand with the intentions of using the fabric to create something new, but now I think I might just leave it the way it is. I bought this black skirt last week, and I have a feeling this is the first of many slightly-too-short-to-wear-as-dress tops it will be worn under.