Wednesday, January 20, 2010


^Extremely happy the Australian Open has started for another year.

Look!!! Shoes!!! AND a bag!!! I think I'm getting the hang of deciding on these two items with more than 5 seconds to go before I have to walk out the door.
I've been a fan of glomesh for a couple of years now, so I had to snap this bag up as soon as I saw it at an op shop for 2 bucks, even though it has a bit of obvious wear and tear. I just love the snake-skin sensation when I run my hand over it, not to mention the old-hollywood glamour.

... Except I didn't think that leather boots were entirely practical for 30+ degree C weather..... So I swapped for my favourite flowery granny shoes. (And yes I like to sniff feathers- what of it?)

I got these for $3 from a charity store close to my home. They have everything you could possibly want in an "ugly" shoe- 1cm thick foam sole, curtain-y floral fabric and a fake leather sling-back. Oh and a rope tie. Amazing. Although I don't think all my friends agree...

On the bus to town today:
Little kid with rat tail- *looks at me* "whisper, whisper, whisper (to mum)" *looks at me with disdainful expression*
Little kid with rat tail's mother- YA CAN'T NOT LIKE SOMEONE COS OF THEIR CLOTHES!
Me- *Death stare the little kid with rat tail*
At this point I wish I'd started mumbling incoherently to myself while slowly rocking back and forward, just to appear even more inviting to this young child.
Oh well he was wearing a 50 cent cap. It's to be expected.
A very saintly Liam Gallager in the background. Oasis may have disbanded, but to me they will always be number one.


  1. your fishnets are so cool!
    Thanks a million for being around!



  2. you're too adorable.

  3. LOVE your floral shoes. Too awesome.