Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Seen it in my past, back at home

I don't think I am terribly happy with this blog at the moment. It seems I'm not quite able to get the thoughts in my head typd down onto the page without them going through a filter that makes them completely stiff and boring. I've been going back and reading previous posts and my writing feels so jilted, and I really want to try and change that. Ever since I first learnt to write at 5 years old, I've loved the written word, and I think this blog is the perfect place to improve both what I wear and how I write. I only have one year left of school and I know that when I finish, whatever I do it will definitely be focused around writing, hopefully fashion journalism. I also realise the quality of my photos are completely crap, but this blog is meant to be about fashion, not photography as I don't have a very great interest in the latter as a skill. I mean I love other peoples' photos, but it's not a skill I have a greater interest in developing. I live in a tiny fourth floor apartment with no pretty garden to shoot in, my camera is years old and a bit shit, and I have no tripod. To be honest I don't have the money to change any of those things, and I'm far too shy to get someone else to take my picture.
So now instead of whingeing I'm going to put in action what I'm always telling myself to do, talk about the future not the past. I really want 2010 to be a fresh start. Although in 2009 I did swap to a school I absolutely adore showing upto every morning, and I made a whole lot of brand new friends who I know I'll be in contact with for life, there were also a lot of lows. So, once again, 2010: a fresh start. I want this blog to have pictures of my outfits, pictures of inspiration that describe more fluently what is consuming my mind at that moment, and more posts on fashion and the arts (mostly music, I'm not even going to pretend I know anything about visual art). I am extremely happy with the way my style has developed this year, I've let go of a lot of shyness when it comes to outfits I wear, and I take a lot more risks and worry a lot less about what others think. By no means at all do I think my style is “perfect” or anything of the sort, so this year I want to be able to develop it more, become more fearless and remove myself even further away from trends. I'd like to document all of that on this blog. This blog is about moving forwards and documenting the changes, and if anyone else happens to enjoy it, even better.
Ok enough of the rant, here's an outfit:

I bought this green velvet top second hand with the intentions of using the fabric to create something new, but now I think I might just leave it the way it is. I bought this black skirt last week, and I have a feeling this is the first of many slightly-too-short-to-wear-as-dress tops it will be worn under.



  1. That green velvet dress looks great! I love when thrift finds work out perfectly.

  2. The green velvet top is gorgeous!!


  3. Love the top and I hope you make your blog exactly what you want it to be!