Monday, January 19, 2009

Fashion vs Function

I run for about an hour every morning, and I generally just wear shorts and old T-shirts. But today I was watching clueless, and after seeing cher’s take on sportswear, I’ve decided to try a little harder. The thing is, the clothes still need to be practical (ugh, I hate that word).

I think these pieces show a compromise between style and practicality (except for the last one :P)

Adidas by Stella McCartney

American Apparel


American Apparel

Madonna (I don't know why

she keeps popping up)


  1. Love the ones in the first pic!!

  2. Love the outfits in the first pic! I am the same, I normally become very plain and basic with exercise clothes. Great post, it's inspired me to try harder!
    By the way, swapping (or exchanging) links is just where you put my blog on your blog list (but I see you haven't added one yet) and I put your blog on my blog list :D.

    P.S. Clueless is an awesome movie!!

  3. woah. i love thsoe in the first pic. i cant imagine working out in style, but i bet you feel prettier and its more fun. :D


  4. practicality isn't one of my strong points, I hope you can find a balance for working out!


  5. I liked your profile, 16 going on 36, and a Westwood/ Mcqueen lover!!!! Oh we have so much in common just there!!!!
    Please come and visit mine too! It's a fashion blog inspired by Portobello Road, London
    I hope you enjoy it!

  6. Those look like they would be sytlsh and work well for actual workout!

  7. i would gladly work out in pretty much anything american apparel...but ususually i am a bum and wear some random pair of shorts with some random big t-shirt. I should really go buy some cute stuff!