Friday, January 2, 2009

Just add pigtails

Since the return of the playsuit I haven't been able to makeup my mind; cute retro or overworn hipster? I've finally decided on the former, but now the question is; what style?

So far I'm leaning towards this topshop piece, which is perfect for the Aussie summer. Also I'm kinda going through a bow obsession at the mo.

This playsuit by Chloe (although waaaay out of my price range) reminds me of the rainforest, although I don't think it would flatter my shape at all (massive hips).

Forever 21

I love this as an alternative to a cocktail or (ugh) tuxedo dress.

Forever 21
This make me want to don an R M Williams hat and chew a piece of straw, but I'd prefer it in red and white checks.


  1. Thanks for the comment
    I'm from Act too, but only moved here last year so don't really know the hidden thrifts yet.
    So complicated starting a blog!
    Happy New Year :>


  2. Cute jumpsuits and cute title! :)