Monday, January 5, 2009

Queen of art

I went to check out the giant green blob (don't ask) at customs house last week, and stumbled across Alexia Sinclair's "regal twelve" collection. I've always preferred fashion to conventional art, but every now and then I'll see a piece, or an artist that grabs my attention, and this was definitely one of those moments. Each Picture is compiled of a series of photographs, montaged together. They each depict a famous historical woman who has ruled her kingdom (above- Queen Elizabeth I), and incorporate dresses from that era (inspired by John Galliano & Alexander McQueen). The items in each picture also have historical meaning and symbolism (I can't be bothered to explain it all- google it).
Christina of Sweden

Marie Antoinette
P.S Going to the coast until saturday and no internet connection. Went thrifting today, will post results on sunday.


  1. I love the pics! Especially the dresses!

  2. these are epic, thanks for sharing!