Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's a boy!!!

Today's outfit:

Kinda impractical seeing a I spent practically the whole day shopping with friends, and my top was just a giant scarf tied together with a belt, so I could barely move my arms above a 45 degree angle.

It was just mall shopping, and I was pretty disappointed. Who decided that all chain stores must be filled with frumpy boho this season?

On the weekend I visited my ONE WEEK old cousin, Oliver Noel.


  1. Cute outfit...even if it was not practical :P! I love how creative you are with clothes and it always looks good too :).

    Ohh! What an adorable baby. I have a baby nephew who was born about 3 or so months ago and I love him to death! Babies are the best :)

  2. A lot of the times fashion is impractical! Thanks for your comment :) Oh cute baby too!

  3. Who needs to move their arm?
    Nice and creative,cool.

  4. awesome outfit! i always seem to end up wearing impractical things shopping...my brains just wired that way.
    and our cousin is SO CUTE!! awwwwww.=]

  5. Ugh, mall shopping is always disappointing. I love how you draped the scarf.

  6. i love the scarf idea! i might just try it out soon but maybe wear a plain tank top underneath so i could move more ;)

    and adorable baby. my aunt is gonna give birht again this summer so im super excited. :)

  7. the way you wore your scarf is ingenious!

  8. hey emily!

    thanks for your comment, i'm loving your innovation with the scarf.
    i'm gonna add you to my blog reel

    Vogue Aus. is the bane of my existence. It's almost embarassing in comparison to Vogue Russia, Vogue Italia, French vogue etc. Recently it's just been so... average. It's not bad, exactly, it just doesn't deserve the title of 'vogue'

    On the other hand, my favourite aus magazines are amazing- RUSSH , Frankie, i-D and yen.
    any opinion?

  9. you're so gorgeous:) i love that belt!