Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cream of the crop

(please excuse the awful pun)

I know it's quite trend-whorish, but I've recenty become obsessed with crop-tops. They take me back to my grade one days of crimped hair, the spice girls and platform shoes.


Obesity and Speed

My love for Melissa Joan Hart in "Clarissa Explains it All" deserves a post (or 12) of it's own

American Apparel

Daisy Lowe

I think these pictures show how a crop top can be worn in so many different ways. Many people make the mistake of thinking crop tops can only be slutty, or childish.

I found this crop top at a little market stall in Newtown during a recent trip to sydney for $5.

Due to the FREEZING weather I wore a long sleeve top underneath (although I do love the sneaky flash of flesh when worn solo with high-waisted shorts or a skirt). Despite the darts in the front giving me 1940's style pointy boobs, it's a great fit and I got 100% positive comments from friends. There is some really cool criss-cross detailing at the back, but I forgot to take a photo of the rear.


  1. ahah i'm so happy to see the spice girls on a fashion blog :D

  2. i really like that belt!
    nice outfit.


  3. Too bad all crop tops on me just look ridiculous shame. Today I realized it was only the FIRST DAY OF WINTER i am going to freeze.

  4. ive got this thing about these crops now, lol
    CANBERRA? i love australia sydneys like my dream home:)
    i have realtives in canberra, pattendans the surname(theres anyway)

  5. i've tagged you my dear. great finds and rants!

  6. I got a couple of new crop tops for summer and still kinda scared about wearing them. I like the layering look with them

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