Monday, June 15, 2009

Youth is like diamonds in the sun, and diamonds are forever

I went shopping with friends yesterday, and coudn't find anythign I liked until we went to target. There I began lusting after the 2-8year old clothing; amongst the Hannah Montana and Dora the Explorer branded items I found a purple faux fur vest, floral leggings, and love heart adorned jumpers. Unfortunately I grew out of a kids size 8 about eight years ago :(

Today I took inspiration from my childhood wardrobe, where I would live in pretty dresses and hand knitted cardies:

When I walked out to the kitchen to get breakfast mum reminded me that this is the coldest Canberra june in twenty years or something, so I added a few more layers:

Florals are the best way to cheer me up on these grey winter days. My friends and I stopped by a playground while walking home and mucked around on the swings and slide for a good hour. Makes me regret all those pre-teen years I spent wishing I were older and “mature” (HA!).

(Ps: I just finished setting up my sewing room at my dads, so there lots of home-made/altered clothing to come!)

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