Monday, February 9, 2009

Any item of clothing featuring feathers gets my tick of approval

Last night I was flicking through the november 08 issue of vanity fair, when I fell upon an advertisement for grey goose vodka. It wasn’t the vodka that interested me (16 yrs old remember), but a beautiful grey cocktail dress adorned with giant feathers. After checking the credits on the page, I discovered it was by Kristian Aadnevik. Ignorant as I am about many labels, I had never heard of him, but when I googled his work I was astounded by the originality and craftsmanship in his work. The spring/summer 09 collection of bandage dresses featuring flashes of bold colours are fabulous enough to rival that Christopeher Kane collection (you know the one I'm talking about).

Now all I need is to lose 5 kilos and and gain a few thousand bucks.

Now a completely unrelated topic, here's what I wore today:

Very basic, but I'm so in love with these DIY'ed leggings I wanted to draw full attention to them.



  1. LOVE the leggings! You've got a truly fab style. Keep it up :).

    Much Love,

  2. pretty pretty dresses! ooh.........
    nice job on the leggings...
    and i tagged you for a blog award=]