Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Come as you are

We all know that the grunge (flannies, ripped jeans, dirty hair) has been making an enormous comeback lately, so I thought I'd try my own interpretation. I know it's a bit trend-whorish, but I don't care, I really love the layed back layering of this style.

I was going to wear this with shredded black leggings, but it was waaay too hot. It's a bit hard to tell, but the black and white check thing is another shirt, not a keffiyeh (s?) *shudder*.


(thought this was too good not to share)

Me and a friend are sitting outside at a cafe, when two policemen walk by.

friend: Do you think it just depends on the policeman whether or not they'd arrest you for tapping them on the ass?

me: shaking in silent laughter for about 4 minutes



  1. Haha, cute story and I'm liking the outfit! I miss those 90's grunge days...

  2. hey! Thanks heaps for the comment, I'm thrilled to find another australian blogger :)

    This is so cute, and haha at your policeman joke. sounds like something my friends would say too, haha

    Brooke xx

    (and yes, I believe it would depend on the officer).

  3. haha, your policeman story cracked me up!
    the outfit looks good, i like the two checked patterns together!

  4. Haha funny story...:P

    Love the outfit!

    Much Love,