Monday, February 2, 2009

New Beginnings

Today was my first day of year 11 at a new school. I enjoyed it heaps more than I thought I would. It was practically a whole day of orientation, which was incredibly boring, but the people are friendly, and the teachers treat us with so much more respect than the teachers from my strict grammar school.

(Please excuse the crappy quality of the pic, but I had to quickly take this while my friend was in the bathroom -was definetly not in the mood for an awkward posing moment-, and I'm way too tired for photo editing.)

I decided to play it kinda safe outfitwise for my first day, as I was already nervous enough without having to be worried about my clothes. The school I'm at now has such a wide variety of students; from emos, hipsters, geeks, skanks (for want of a much better word), that I feel much more comfortable dressing interestingly from now on. At my old school we had a hideous uniform, which consisted of a green and white striped potato sack summer dress, and for winter; unfitted blouse (with pin-tucking), baggy green jumper, calf length bottle green tartan skirt, thick navy wool tights and hideous black lace-up shoes. I may or may not post a pic of it, just so everyone can share in my suffering.

Once again I'm sorry for the boring-ness of todays outfit, I'll try make up for it in the next few days.



  1. your school sounds as bad as mine!

  2. I "played it safe" for my first day then I realized I didn't care what the others thought. Your outfit looks lovely, very relaxed