Sunday, February 15, 2009

words are flying out like endless rain into a paper cup

Recently I've been finding myself being drawn more and more to the 60s. I’m one of those people that either commits to something entirely and becomes totally obsessed, or isn’t interested at all. So when I get inspired by a certain period of time, I don’t just wear the clothes, but I listen to the music, read the books, research the lifestyle etc. Over the past year I've been dressing in a kind of modern 1950s style, with cinched in waists and gathered skirts. I've often used this style to cover my body, but the more I get into fashion, the less self conscious I feel. Lately I've been feeling more comfortable in tighter skirts and shorter hemlines (in a Mary Quant-ish way rather than Paris Hilton).
These are the images I had in my head while thrifting yesterday:

…and this is what I bought:

(It's hard to tell but this skirt is black velvet)

Obviously I would dress these up a bit more when putting together an outfit, in these pictures I wanted the focus to be on the skirts. I know that hemlines are meant to be dropping at the moment (thanks recession), but I try not to follow current trends too obsessively.



  1. beautiful skirts, very 60's and chic'.


    (btw i put on my blogroll)

  2. Wow! I know you said you would dress the outfits up a bit more but they're probably my favorite out of all your outfits :)
    I am really in love with those skirts...

    Much Love,

  3. i LOVE that first skirt! it is such a great print...where'd you get it?

  4. Fantastic skirts!
    very modern!

    Love too the vintage inspirations ;)
    fantastic blog!

    a kiss for you,

  5. all of these skirts are amazing! Its great that fashion is making you more confident

  6. i love the last one, so cute

    - Karen