Sunday, July 12, 2009

and wash it away down the kitchen sink

I bought this dress from the Glebe markets in Sydney a few months ago. I hemmed it (about a metre) and took it in, and I'm ecstatic with the result. There is something so refreshing about wearing pretty summery dresses in the dead of winter, I get so tired of seeing everyone wearing nothing but black layerd over black layered over black (maybe with a touch of grey).
I love market shopping for so many different reasons. The up-beat atmosphere, the range of people; from tiny babys in prams to uni students and eccentric old women, the vast quantities of food from all across the globe... But most of all I love the clothes! Never knowing what amazing (dirt cheap) second hand finds will be on offer, and knowing that none of my freinds will have the same item. It's always fun to have a chat to the store owner and find out why they are selling the contents of their wardrobe, or where they have collected their vintage collections from. My favourite buys would have to be the dresses (absolutely no way I can pick a favourite from these) and an almost-good-as-new studded Charlie Brown bag that definately needs to be featured on this blog in the near future.

There is only one market near where I live, but it mostly just sells expensive crafts. Whenever I tak a trip to Sydney I make sure to visit all my favourites; Glebe, Rozelle, Bondi, Surry Hills and Kirribilli. Melbourne also has some great markets, but I'm not as familiar with them.

A few nights ago my mum and I were going through a suitcase of her old clothes that she had stored in my room, when we came across this leather jacket. She wore it while riding on my dads motorbike in the 80s, but said it was always too big for her. I tried it on for a laugh, and was so surprised when it fit me like a glove. Mum said it was always much too big for her, but I am a lot broader in the shoulder sthan her so it is just right. I have been on the lookout for a leather jacket for a while now, but the ones sold in chain stores are much too fashion-y, and I haven't been abe to find a well fitted one in an op shop. Who knew that the perfect jacket has been right under my nose for the past year!


  1. Wow such a pretty floral dress i love!

    lily x

  2. the dress is loverly! what did you do with the extra fabric, though? oh, and next time you're in sydney, you should try the liverpool markets. they're very... eclectic.

  3. So pretty! Goes well wit the tights too <3

  4. You look very cute. I love the dress.

  5. I LOVE YOUR GLASSES! all i have to say! perfection!