Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Seventeen Candles

1 lighter + A pitch black bathroom = some slightly emo, blurry pictures-obnoxious teenager

Om nom nom...


Left to Right
A Crucible of Creative Fashion Talent by Barbara Permezel: Mum found this in a second hand book store, it documents the Australian Gown of the year from 1953-1993. Each year has a gorgeous sketch of the winning gown and a page discussing the dress and the competition that year.
Let yourself sew: This is a magazine from the early 70s on teenage DIY fashion given to my mum by my granma. She found it at my grandparents place last weekend, and knew Id love it.
Australian Memories in black and white, Fashion: The title pretty much says it all, gorgeous black and white pictures of vintage fashion and their relevance to Australia. The pics from the 60s are insane!
Vogue Fashion: Starts with a description of Vogue throughout the decades, and then goes onto an encyclopedia of fashion labels. The descriptions aren't anything special, as they are so short, but the pictures are amazing.

I'm obsessed with tea! On average I drink about five cups a day, and we are slowly building a collection of gorgeous tea cups and saucers.

Breakfast at Tiffany's has been my favourite movie forever (although I did adore the little mermaid as a child... *cough* did *cough*), so I was ecstatic when I was given this gorgeous box adorned with art nouveau images from the broadway musical.

But best of all.......................

My dressmaker's dummies!!!!! I have wanted one for about two years now, but as they retail for $250+, I didn't think I would ever get one, let alone two! A few weeks ago mum was looking through the classifieds when she found one for less than a hundred dollars. Surprisingly she managed to keep it a secret! Anyway, last weekend she got a call from my grandparents saying they were at a friends garage sale and had spotted one for $20, who could resist that?

Finally some veeery dodgy outfit shots:

Thanks for the sweet birthay wishes!


  1. Ahaha, those lighter pics are actually pretty cool! You look a bit like that girl from "The Ring" with your hair in your face though. Ahhhhh!

  2. great pics;
    i love the audrey's box.


  3. That cake looks delicious! I love the tea cup, too. I'd really like to start a collection.

    The grey top in your outfit looks really interesting.

  4. I'm so jealous that you have a dress form!