Sunday, July 12, 2009

The youth is starting to change

Shoes keeping me awake at night:

At first glance I thought these Rodarte thigh highs were leggings. Then I realised they were the most amazing long boots I have ever seen. The Mulleavy sisters really can do no wrong.

Found this image in one of my many inspiration folders, so I have no idea where it's from. Can't you imagine a little pixie skipping through the woods in these? I would looooove to own them, definately the most interesting and creative boots I have ever seen.

I've been searching for a pair of floral doc's for a long, long time. Anyone know where I can get a pair? Anything featuring florals gets my tick of approval, especially when printed on arguably the most iconic punk item. I can imagine Vivienne Westwood stomping all over London in these in the 70's.

Another mystery image found on my computer. I recently learnt how to crochet, so I'm currently going through a mild obsession, shame it's the middle of winter.

I fell in love with Balenciaga when I saw the spring/summer 2007 runway show featuring the C3PO-esque robotic suits. Since then I have loved every single one of Nicolas Ghesquiere's collections, which have all been enhanced by the amazing shoes. He must be doing something right if he has created the "it" shoe for the majority of the past few seasons. The three shown above are all so creative and wonderfully ridiculous.

Easily my favourite shoe of the season. Words cannot describe how desperate I am to own these. The architecture, the patent leather, the chunky heel, the clean simple line.... Now all I need is $860.00.... any ideas???

.......and an outfit:


  1. urban outfitters is currently selling white and black floral Doc's on their website :)

  2. have you tried doc's website? sales often and worth it!

  3. those crochet shoes are insane! also love your mix of checks, i'm definitely a fan of mixing prints!