Monday, July 20, 2009

Edge of seventeen

Tomorrow is my seventeenth birthday, so this is the last few hours I will spend as a sixteen year-old. I never get terribly excited over birthdays, as I find it horribly awkward opening presents in front of others, and I hate the fake happy reactions that are necessary when receiving an undesired present. I know that makes me sounds like a spoilt little brat, but I've never been one for loads of attention.

I am however looking forward to a new birthday year. As it falls around the middle of the year, I find it useful to make some resolutions to last me until 2010. Here's a few:

1. Worry less about other people's opinions, and do/say/wear what I want.
2. Spend less time on the computer and in front of the TV, and more time reading, sewing and schoolwork (it has just hit me that I only have 18 months left).
3. Eat healthy and excercise, rather than diet and feel down.
4. Spend less time stressing and more time daydreaming!
I started the day wearing this:

But I changed the top in the afternoon to this:


yay yay clashing prints yay
Does anyone else change outfits throughout the day? and I don't just mean for an event at night etc, but sometimes I'll get bored of something, or be desperate to try two different looks with the same item of clothing that I can't wait a few days or weeks to try it out.
Goodbye sixteen! You've been good to me, but lets hope it only gets better.


  1. I love your room! It's so cool. And I like your resolution to spend more time reading, less time in front of the computer! Everyone should try that one out.

  2. happy birthday! i like the, "more time on homework" part, but that's because i'm a teacher and if you don't use it you'll loose it! ;)

  3. happy Bday, I like your skirt- it´s a perfect lenght

  4. Thanks for your comment
    I like your colorful Fashion style :)


  5. Happy Birthday!!!
    I wish you a life time of are really sweet :)))

    About your inspire me to write mines too..perfect!

  6. happy birthday hope you have a lovely time xxxxxxx

  7. You look very cute. Good luck with your new year goals. :)

  8. like the put together. keep that.


  9. second


    is wild!

    love it!!!!

  10. Happy birthday! I love the shirt and skirt in the 1st outfit and the mixed patterns in the 2nd. I often change details in my outfit throughout the day, but I haven't changed outfits randomly during the day in quite a while. I guess now, if I think up something else to wear, I save it for another day.

  11. i have never really changed outfits through the's hard enough coming up with one look!

  12. I change my outfit probably 2 or 3 times a day.. especially shoes.

    Hope you had a fabulous birthday I love that skirt xxxx