Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A mildly new hair style and some new favourite clothes

I'm the type of person that gets bored quite easily, so I need to change my hair every few months. I'm not quite brave enough to chop it all off, although I'd love a pixie crop. I really like Alice Dellal's hair style, but as I have very fine hair and quite a small head, I think shaving one side would be a big mistake. Instead I've done a very low side part, flipped the hair over and pinned the other side right back.

I'm also trying to grow my fringe out, as I really don't want the boring, side fringe style.

I showed off my new hairstyle last night:

My mum's friend gave me this dress about 6 years ago to wear at her new years eve cocktail party. It has sat in a drawer since, but now I'm wondering why have I not been wearing this more?!?!?! I love the 80's bodycon, and gorgeous pink flower print. Mum gave me these cool geometric tights when she decided they were too young for her.

I found this coat in a charity store last monday, and it is definately one of my best second hand buys to date. It's 75% wool, a perfect size ten, made in Turkey and .....wait for it...... only 12 bucks!!!!!

I think this outfit would have looked better with a black blazer, but I'm yet to find the "perfect" one.



  1. Ah I love your tights. I've been looking for such tights for a long time!

  2. That hair style looks SO beautiful on you!

    x x x

  3. that dress is completely fabulous! love the flower print!