Saturday, December 19, 2009

You are a shining star

I'm leaving to go stay with my sister in the blue mountains tomorrow and won't be back until after boxing day, so merry christmas everyone! (or should i say seasons greetings, I'm not even religious myself).

I think everyone should go out (or online) and buy themselves a present from the kate moss for topshop christmas collection, I know I certainly feel as though I deserve it after this long year. I am so desperate for this dress, and kate looks like the ultimate sexy-sultry-bardot in those fishnets and bouffant hair (yes I'm not afraid to admit I have a ginormous girl-crush on her, but who doesn't?).

xxxx thankyou for reading

Friday, December 18, 2009

pursuit of happiness

Grumpy punks, bright lights, bare skin, shakespeare and playing pretend. My style has been such a hodge podge of ideas lately which is mirrored in my current inspirations...

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I know that she knows that we know

I had an incredibly productive day today.....

  • Baked my friend a cake for her birthday tomorrow
  • Booked my flights for melbourne in january
  • Booked my test to get my learners licence
  • Bought a new skirt, top and slip
  • Rang my sister to plan my week with her next week
  • Joined a gym
  • Went for a run
  • Read part of The Picture of Dorian Gray
  • Watched Dr Phil (well maybe that one wasn't terribly productive)

I'm normally such an unorganised person, it feels great to have got so much done in one day! Now all I've got to do is christmas shopping, pack for my sister's, christmas cards, say bye to friends....AHHHH THE LIST GOES ON!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Day by the Lake

One of my best friends left for a two month holiday to the states on the weekend, so we had a farewell picnic by the lake on friday. It was one of those rare, lovely summer days where it's sunny and warm but not sweltering hot, and minus the ten minutes where we were attacked by a hungry group of magpies, it was a very enjoyable goodbye to a friend. Highlights would have to be taking stalker pictures of runners (tip- pretend to be taking a photo of a friend, but really zoom in over their shoulder), irritating other picnicers by singing obnoxiously loud to ipod speakers and eating the choccy cake I iced to look like the american flag (including an accurate amount of white dots for stars).

Leave us alone stupid birds...

My friend chasing swans in the grossest murky water ( 2 dead bodies were found there over the last week)

This was a guys T-shirt with a gross logo that I cut off and then sewed on the lace. I turned it around (for a bit of modesty), but I'm annoyed it's not quite long enough to wear as a dress.

I don't mind my incredibly white skin when it means I get to wear gorgeous sunhats.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

I wish

When I saw this post on the amazing blog The Stylish Wanderer, I instantly fell in love with the chorduroy high-waisted trousers. A million fantasies of how I would live in these for the whole of winter next year ran through my mind, before I noted the brand: H&M. Unfortunately I can't buy them in Australia OR online.

Australia has gone mental with the opening of a topman/topshop in Sydney (hopefully H&M will follow suit), and if I could I would love to drive there immediately and buy these:

or this dress, which would be perfect for the awkward in-between weather which we seem to experience for months:

and I'm pretty sure these shoes speak for themselves:

The only problem is, it's all so incredibly EXPENSIVE!!! I've become so accustomed to spending no more than $10 per an item of clothing, that 50 pounds for a dress (which is almost tripled when converted to AUD) seems completely ludicrous to me.

Oh well hopefully one day I'll no longer be a dirt poor student.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

slap in the face

Does anyone else get that feeling after a week of holidays where you do nothing but sit on the couch watching horrendous made for TV movies, that you kinda-sorta-wish you were back at school? I really have to escape to the coast BEFORE I GO CRAAAAZZZYYYYY!

Well that is a semi-lie, as I have managed to leave my house a few times, but only to hang out at friends and visit all shops in walking distance of my apartment (which really isn't very many). Today I went to a salvos and picked up $30 worth of goods. The annoying thing is, it's all either black, velvet, long, heavy or all of the above. I am much more of an autumn/winter person than summer, and because most of the blogs/magazines I read are all heading into winter, I can't help but buy ridiculously impractical clothing. Ahhh well, at least I'll be set for next year.

When I get dressed in the morning, I often will change a bunch of the items before I walk out of the door, and today this felt a little too bleak considering the sunny skies.

Oh god aren't I photogenic?

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


After seeing this I'm desperate for a long tulle skirt. The long blonde hair and skirt make her look angelic, but in a badass-in-the-back-row way due to the combats and blazer. The fact that she gets to cuddle Jethro Cave really doesn't help my jealousy.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

trash is treasure

I wore this outfit out to dinner last night with a friend:

(my extremely unphotogenic face really does not appreciate the flash)

I picked this dress up from an op shop in sydney a few months ago, I'm not quite sure if it's meant to be a nighty or a dress, but I don't really mind as I like it so much.

I would definitely call myself a creature of comfort, and I find theres always certain outfits or items of jewellery I always turn to. This necklace is probably the most worn item in my wardrobe. My mum gave me the locket about five years ago, and since then many different items have been added and subsequently lost, from coke caps to rings. This is what is currently adorning the chain (sorry about the poor quality pictures, my camera really isn't very good):

A locket containing a picture of my mum and dad

A dog tag for "Jamin" that I found in a park near where I live

A cat tag for "Frederik" that I found at my school

And a little key chain with some numbers, but I can't for the life of me remember where I found it.

I really should get the clasp fixed.

Friday, December 4, 2009

starry night

I normally detest chain-store rip offs of designer clothing, as it ends up looking tacky, cheap and entirely unoriginal. These people seem to think that because they change the design 10% from the original, they have created a trendy, high-fashion item that they can then slap a ridiculously high price on considering the poor quality fabrics and workmanship. Despite this, for my fashion project at school last session I decided to knit a pair of those Rodarte tights (you know the ones I'm talking about). I decided that as I am not making a profit off the tights, and we were being marked on construction not design, it was perfectly fine to make them, and I am so happy as I am head-over-heels in love with them! Such a shame it's summer down under :( Here I've styled the tights in four different ways, to give myself ideas on how and where to wear them.

First up is a spring, monet-inspired outfit:

I have a soft spot for floral dresses (in case you hadn't noticed), and like most of the ones in my wardrobe, this one began it's life as a floor length, size 32482348 granny dress. I love the soft blues of the dress and tights together.

Secondly, a more formal take on the tights:

With this outfit I like how the tights become the main focus (sorry about the hemline, must've rode up a bit between clicking the camera button and frantically tottering over to the wall).

Next I've tried to dress the tights up to look more punky

This is my favourite of the lot, probably because I am obsessed with everything punk (I LOVE YOU VIVIENNE). If I was wearing this outfit out I would accessorise it a bit more, probably with a cuff, silver bangle and some silver chains.


This outfit is pretty different from what I normally wear, as I don't really colour-block like this, but I do like the idea of wearing the two knitted pieces together.
I'd still like to experiment layering these tights with other opaque/patterned/coloured tights, but I might save that for next winter.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

you're not as brave as you were at the start

Today I've had one of those typical, relaxing summer day of staying at home on my couch catching up on some dr phil and Oprah. Not to mention indulging in vast amounts of homemade blueberry muffins. So here is an outfit I wore sometime last week:

I added the purple flower while running out the door to match the shoes (blame my kinda-obsesssive-compulsive-but-not-really-ness)

A couple of months ago I trailed practically every clothing store in my town in search of a pair of floral leggings, with no results. So when I discovered these on a mannequin in a melbourne store window I practically sprinted inside, let out a squeal of delight after locating them on a rack, and then slunk off to the changeroom after noticing the strange looks directed my way by the cool indie, 20 something shop assistant.
The students at my school are pretty relaxed when it comes to clothing, as everyone pretty much just wears what they want. Although floral leggings are everywhere in Europe and the States, us Australians are a little slower to catch on to trends. So when I wore these to school I was delighted with the numerous compliments, but also taken aback by the strange looks, and in some cases, rude comments. If it were up to me everyone would wear things like this to school:

But unfortunately I don't have a spare tens of thousands of dollars lyeing around for Dior, McQueen and Rodarte :( Hopefully one day....